On top of the writing, and the gaming, and the owl thing, I also have a fondness for dressing up as fictional characters.

Not only has cosplay resulted in me ending up in the local news (without having to murder anybody), but it makes for some great and weird blog posts from time to time.

Artist Alley KoyoCon 2022

KoyoCon 2022

Last week I went to KoyoCon, as I do every year. It's hard to keep coming up with new and interesting things to share when doing a post, but as is most often the case, I had a good time! Even after all these years, I greatly enjoy talking to ...
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Crowley Cosplay Good Omens

DokoCon and the Big Plant Heist

So, I went to DokoCon this weekend. It's a tiny Danish cosplay convention held for the first time this year, so the scheduled program was limited. This is understandable, of course, but it did mean that after I brought my team to victory in the Harry Potter quiz (my reading ...
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Morrigan Cosplay Dragon Age

Cosplay Photoshoot – Morrigan (Dragon Age)

I believe these photos are from all the way back in July, but I have been crazily busy ever since. Besides, it's cold and dark outside right now, and I haven't seen the sun in days, so sharing some cosplay photos from a beautiful summer day might be just what ...
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Author booth KoyoCon

KoyoCon 2019 – The One Where I Went Ginger and Sold a Lot of Books

Since I'm finally semi-recovered after getting home from KoyoCon yesterday, I suppose it's time for a Post-Convention Post! Honestly, this one will not be as interesting as many of  my other con tales. No one tackled me, no one made me pose on top of a booth table, no one ...
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Owl Bite

Weird Ways I Injure Myself

I'm quite good at getting hurt. Don't worry, I don't do it on purpose! I do all the standard things - stubbing my toes against doors, falling down stairs, slamming drawers shut on my fingers - but mostly people get an answer they didn't expect when they ask, "What did ...
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Magikarp Plushy Pokemone

Okay, I Need to Talk About This Magikarp…

If you saw my New Year's post, you will already have met Flip-Flop. You did not, however, get an explanation for Flip-Flop. I felt like this belated Christmas present from my friend and fellow cosplayer, Line, deserved a post of its own. A bit of backstory: Line and I, just ...
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Cosplay Post – Morrigan (Dragon Age)

Finally finished writing another of these posts, this time for my Morrigan cosplay! Looking forward to when I start doing this for NEW costumes, so I won't have to spent hours searching forgotten folders on my backup hard drive to (hopefully) locate progress pictures... Onwards! Morrigan (Dragon Age) The Facts ...
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Virtual Reality VR Cosplay

Odense Geek Gathering

I went to a small convention this Saturday - for once neither volunteering nor selling books. These days it's always weird for me to go to one of these events and not be busy as hell, but it's also sort of nice having time to do things like eat lunch ...
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Dragonstalker Hunter cosplay WoW

Cosplay Post – Dragonstalker Hunter (World of Warcraft)

Bookish, non-geeky people: You have my permission to leave. We're going full geek now and I know some of you have mistakenly made your way here, looking for some deep insight on writing. You were deceived. On to the geekiness! I decided I wanted to make a post about my ...
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KoyoCon 2015 – Owls at the Darkmoon Faire

Following my personal tradition, here's the Post-Con Post! (Also, remember to check out my Post Con Giveaway) - As I wrote some time ago, I had a busy weekend planned out at KoyoCon 2015. I was going to help host the Warcrafter Corner, be in Artist Alley, air out Artemis ...
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