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Huntress Cover Art Revealed!

Though it suffered much delay, I can finally show off the cover art for my upcoming short story Huntress!

The cover art was once again painted by the talented ZKROX. Someone should give the poor guy a medal for putting up with me…

Huntress will be out in November, and remember to participate in the Giveaway in order to win a free Kindle ebook!

Huntress - Cover Art

2 thoughts on “Huntress Cover Art Revealed!

  1. I think it’s fantastic! Love her silver eyes! But I loved the cover of Resounding Echo too! Can’t wait for the next one…

    1. I’m so happy you like it! 😀
      I tried to focus on getting a cover this time that looked good both in full size and thumbnail. I really love the one for Resounding Echo as well, but it’s not suited for thumbnail viewing at all!
      Been stalling on Silent Sound lately(Though I already have about 70-80% done! It’s horrible), so I have written on random side-stories to keep me working. I’m hoping to find the motivation to work on Silent Sound again, since it’s soooo close to being done and I would love to get it out.
      For now, I will have to find some satisfaction in getting Huntress out 🙂

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