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Huntress Cover Redesign

For a long time, I have had a highly flawed cover for my short story Huntress. The dimensions were all wrong, the cover being much wider than it should be, and the text couldn’t be read due to falling together with the black part of the artwork. I finally pulled myself together to redesign it and fix the problems.

This is the only one of my covers designed by myself, so it isn’t at the same level as the others. Still, it’s an improvement!

Redesign Fantasy Cover

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Huntress Cover Art Revealed!

Though it suffered much delay, I can finally show off the cover art for my upcoming short story Huntress!

The cover art was once again painted by the talented ZKROX. Someone should give the poor guy a medal for putting up with me…

Huntress will be out in November, and remember to participate in the Giveaway in order to win a free Kindle ebook!

Huntress - Cover Art