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Demon’s Dance Artwork

Demon's Dance Artwork

I’m currently working on a new short story (read excerpt here), and today I got the artwork for the cover! As always, it’s made by the incredible DeviantART artist ZKROX and as always he did a hell of a job! I already put in an order for a finished cover from Qulr, who designed the covers for Resounding Echo and Silent Sound, so I should be ready before long. Until then, enjoy the raw artwork!

Demon's Dance Artwork

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Huntress Cover Art Revealed!

Though it suffered much delay, I can finally show off the cover art for my upcoming short story Huntress!

The cover art was once again painted by the talented ZKROX. Someone should give the poor guy a medal for putting up with me…

Huntress will be out in November, and remember to participate in the Giveaway in order to win a free Kindle ebook!

Huntress - Cover Art