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Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I’ve Read the Most Books By


Top Ten Tuesday

I’m trying something new this week and doing one of the Top Ten Tuesday prompts, hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s prompt is Authors I’ve Read the Most Books By, which seemed pretty manageable for my blog prompt debut.

I have now scoured my bookshelves to figure out who would get the 2nd through 10th spots on the list, because number 1 would be pretty obvious to anyone who’s followed this blog for any amount of time, or made the mistake of starting a conversation about fantasy books with me…


Terry Pratchett

47 booksGuards Guards Terry Pratchett

Obviously Terry Pratchett takes first place. In fact, he not only takes first place, he leaves every other author in his dust. Not only have I read 47 of his books… half of them I have read twice. A few I have even read three times, and one I might have read four times.

…And I just ordered three more of his books.

George R. R. Martin

8 booksA Game of Thrones George R. R. Martin

I am not entirely sure if this one counts, since two of the books in question are so huge that they are each split in two volumes in the box set I own, but I feel like it does. The entirety of A Song of Ice and Fire + one prequel adds up to a LOT of words.

Andrzej Sapkowski

8 booksSeason of Storms Witcher

Andrzej Sapkowski ties with GRRM for second place, and like GRRM, all the books I have read by this author is in the same series. In this case, it’s The Witcher.

J. K. Rowling

7 booksHarry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Cover

Surprise, surprise – I have read all 7 of the Harry Potter books. Honestly, they should count for more, considering I have read them in different languages (all 7 books in both Danish and English, and The Philosopher’s Stone in German as well), but that’s where we’re getting into technicalities.

Richard A. Knaak

6 books

I have read 6 of Richard A. Knaak’s World of Warcraft companion novels.

Christie Golden

5 books

Like with Knaak, I know Christie Golden from her World of Warcraft novels. I have read 5 of them, but I think I have 3 or 4 more stuffed away somewhere.

Leigh Bardugo

5 books

I have read 5 of Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse books, and two more are waiting on my shelf.

Tamora Pierce

5 books

Another 5-booker, where I intend to read more.

Genevieve Cogman

5 books

I have read 5 of the books in Genevieve Cogman’s The Invisible Library series.

Neil Gaiman

4 books

3 Neil Gaiman books take up the incredibly small space left over on the two shelves my Terry Pratchett collection occupies. They sit next to Good Omens, which was co-authored by the two of them.

Yeah, so… Very convincing victory to Sir Terry Pratchett!

I’m sure the list would have looked quite different if I could remember all the mystery novels I read as a teenager, but these are the authors I have read the most books from WITHOUT raiding my mother’s bookshelves.

What about you guys? Do we share any favorite authors, or do you have your own Pratchett who takes up half your available bookshelf space?



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The Bookish Owl – A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms by George R. R. Martin

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms George R. R. Martin

I have been putting off reading this book for a long time, but now it’s time for A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms (collection of the Tales of Dunk and Egg novellas) by George R. R. Martin.

Why have I been putting it off, you might ask? After all, “A Song of Ice and Fire” is one of the greatest Fantasy series out there and a prequel could ease the withdrawal until the next book is released.

Yes, indeed ASoIaF is a truly great series.

It’s also insanely detailed and filled with more characters than you can keep track of, and I wish I had been taking notes when I read it.

Committing to books where I actually have to utilize brain power is not something I have felt up to doing in a long time, so anything that says “George R. R. Martin” on the cover has seemed daunting, even a collection of novellas. There’s even illustrations in this one!

I can do this, people… I’m almost caught up on Game of Thrones as well, even though I delayed watching the TV-show for ages, because I wanted to finish the book series first. Clearly the TV-show is winning the race and will finish at least a decade before the books, and nothing short of total social media blackout and disowning all my friends will prevent me from getting spoiled, so I caved.

It’s all planned out, so I will have finished both this book and watched season 7, before the premiere of the last season in April.

So tell me (without spoiling season 7, ya bastards!): Who do you think is going to end up on the Iron Throne?

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms George R. R. Martin
No, Artemis is not a candidate for the Iron Throne…