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A Day at SVScon

As I wrote earlier this week, I could be found in Artist Alley at SVScon this weekend. This was my first author appearance ever and not only was it a great experience, it was quite a weird one too!

I hadn’t really expected my first appearance as an author to involve a guy wearing a trench coat and a horse mask getting butchered with an axe by the Joker. But I guess things never turn out quite as you imagined them…

I was sharing a stand with my friend and cover designer Hans Christian, where I was selling paperback copies of Resounding Echo as well as posters of some of the Angel’s Voice artwork. We had a great table in the middle of the Artist Alley area, and a great atmosphere provided by the Apocalypse Roleplay stand behind us. Nothing like smoke, loud metal music and stray foam bullets flying past you every once in a while!

I had expected to be less than busy, but the interest for my books surpassed my wildest expectations. Not only was it rarely empty in front of our table, I got to talk to a great amount of people about not only my own writing, but about being an indie in general. Ebooks are not that common in Denmark yet, and independent author is not a term even used, so many people found my publishing process interesting.

I had completely underestimated the attention I would gain, and before I knew it, I had run out of books! Even the posters almost got sold out, leaving me with an almost empty table. I will definitely have to prepare myself better for next time!

It has been such a great experience, and I’m already itching for the next time I have the possibility to do something like it again! Seeing sales numbers on a screen or getting a Tweet from a reader feels good, but it’s nothing like speaking about your writing face-to-face with interested people or being able to smile at someone when you hand them a physical copy of your book. It feels great and gives only satisfaction and excitement, without the feelings being followed by constant thoughts on how to market your work to keep the sales up or how you have to go through the next edit of the book. It’s a purely positive feeling that lasts much longer than an increase in your Amazon sales report will ever do.

I hope to repeat the success next year as well, and I’m already looking into if it will be possible for me to be at J-Popcon in February too. I would love to hear from some of the people I talked to, so feel free to leave a comment and share some of your own SVScon-stories!

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Book Signing Jitters

Books, check. Reservations, Check. Nerves… Double check.

To those of you that don’t know, I’m going to be at SVScon this weekend.

And the bad thing about focusing on the ebook market is that this will be the first time meeting my potentiel readers face-to-face. And frankly, I’m scared to death.

Okay, okay, I know I’m being melodramatic, but it’s my blog. I’m allowed to be.

It’s so easy only dealing with people on the internet. You have plenty of time to think about your answers so you might actually sound intelligent(People don’t have to know that you used an hour thinking about the best way to answer if you like the color green…). And I can always choose not to read my reviews.

If people stop at my booth and pick up my book, I have nowhere to run to avoid hearing them say if they love or hate what they read. And I really like having the opportunity to run!

Don’t get me wrong, I love hearing from people who have read my books! But at the same time I fear it.

I think the anticipation is the worst… I have never had problems after hearing someone critisize my writing, but the waiting time before knowing if people are going to say something negative kills me!

I’m definitely in the wrong business. If I ever get successful enough to frequently have my books reviewed, I will die from the stress I put myself through every time I know I have a new review, but can’t bring myself to read it and get it over with.

But back to the book signing… I really can’t just avoid opening my email or block certain people to avoid hearing others’ opinions, can I?

This seemed like such a good idea when I agreed to it…

Well, you can look forward to hearing all about it if I survive the weekend! I will be sure to take pictures for those of you who can’t attend.

I will also be back to blogging about the business of indie publishing after the weekend, so feel free to send me relevant topic or news you would like to discuss in the following week!

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Resounding Echo – Excerpt

Excerpt from chapter 20 of Resounding Echo:

The sound rose slightly and she could now hear it clearly.

It sounded like someone was singing. It was a sad, melancholic song without words.

Against her will, Selissa felt herself rise from the ground. She felt the song draw her in, and she slowly started moving towards the place it was coming from.

She had only moved a few steps, when someone grabbed her arm and caused her to stop dead in her tracks.

“Don’t.” She turned her head to see Alassane’s eyes burning into hers. The warning look in them broke her from her trance-like state.

“What is that?” She spoke quietly. The song continued, beautiful and eerie at the same time.

“Trouble.” Alassane said, just a quietly. Whoever was singing, it was clear that he didn’t want them to hear them.

He stood completely still, his hand still gripping Selissa’s arm. Every muscle in his body was tense and he was staring into the air, in the direction of the sound.

Selissa watched him silently, barely daring to breathe. She was surprised to see that except from a few rips in his clothes, he appeared completely unharmed from the blast he had taken earlier.

Suddenly the singing stopped. With it, every other sound of the forest seemed to stop. Complete silence fell over them.

The hand that was holding her arm tightened its grip almost painfully. “We have to get away from here… Now.” Alassane said. Selissa felt a lump forming in her throat at his urgent tone. No matter what it was, it was bad. Very bad for Alassane to be reacting this way.

Despite her aversion to fleeing she didn’t hesitate to follow when Alassane set into a sprint.

The only sound was the sound of their footsteps, muted by the grass, echoing through the silence as they ran. Nothing made it seem like they were being followed, but Selissa wasn’t fooled. Through she could neither hear them nor see them, she could feel the aura of dread surrounding her. The exact same feeling as when she had first met Ardeth.

Adrenaline, and something she only faintly recognized, surged through her body.

She heard something move to her left and almost stopped to see what it was.  Alassane, however, was not slowing down and Selissa forced herself to keep going.

More movements… She tensed up as she realized it was coming from both sides. There was more than one…

‘Behind you.’ She didn’t hesitate. She swirled around, just as the first attacker hurled themselves at her. The kick she sent towards them hit the stranger in the stomach and sent them sailing through the air.

She heard Alassane stop a few yards behind her. Her breathing was heavy, but somehow she didn’t feel tired.

Energy was coursing through her. The same energy that she had felt just before she sent Alassane flying through the air. But instead of rejecting it, she embraced it.

Two shapes slowly began to close in on them, like wolves on their prey.

“My my, it seems Ardeth was right…” A low voice said. Selissa couldn’t determine if it was male or female. “She is a feisty one.”

“Should be more fun then.” Answered another, definitely female voice. The one who had been singing…

She stepped out of the shadows. The moonlight fell on her face, illuminating her features.

It was a young woman, probably still in her late teens. She was not that tall and slender built, giving her the appearance of being even younger than she was. Short, blonde hair hung into her eyes, but did nothing to disguise the cold look in them.

The black tattoo under her left eye confirmed that Selissa already knew. She was a Demios. And so was her partner probably.

As if on cue, the other stepped forward and revealed his face. As his partner, he was not tall, but he had a strong build. His brown hair was shaggy and had reddish tint to it. There was a smile on his face, but there was no warmth in it.

Unlike Ardeth, there was no amusement emitting from those two, only cold ruthlessness. Somehow, Selissa didn’t know what was worse.

Resounding Echo is available as:

Amazon Kindle: Here

Paperback: Here

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