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At the Hands of the Lich King

A couple of months too late, I realize that I completely forgot to write anything about Koyocon 2014! Of course, it wouldn’t really be relevant, seeing as I had to cancel my planned author booth in the Artist Alley due to working as part of the convention’s event team this year, but you guys still missed a lot of neerdy goodness!

I’ll skip over the part about my friend brushing a blonde wig on a mannequin-head shaped like Arnold Schwarzenegger or me spending my free time stealing huge fake weapons. Just wanted to share my favorite geek-photo from the weekend(and in case some of you haven’t seen my Alexstrasza costume yet, yes, that’s me nearly getting decapitated by the Lich King):

Alexstrasza and Lich King cosplay

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Photoshoot – Alexstrasza and Ysera

Maybe I should just make this webpage into a cosplay page instead. I have absolutely nothing to say about writing lately! On the other hand, I have pictures of costumes! The two things are totally related… well, at least I keep within the fantasy genre.

The last pictures I posted were solely of my friend Skymone’s Jaina Proudmoore costume. This time around, we hijacked a photographer to take pictures of our dragon costumes, so I’m actually featured!

The characters are Ysera the Awakened (Skymone) and Alexstrasza the Life-binder (Me) from World of Warcraft. We worked together on these costumes for about a year. It was the first cosplay I did, so I had to lean heavily on Skymone’s crafting experience, but I think it turned out really well! If you’re interested in the process, go take a look at Skymone’s Facebook page: Skymone Cosplay

Photoshoot info:

Characters: Alexstrasza and Ysera (World of Warcraft)

Models: Michelle Louring and Skymone Cosplay

Photographer: Kristian Lund

Alexstrasza Cosplay

Ysera Cosplay

Alexstrasza Ysera Warcraft

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Photoshoot – Jaina Proudmoore

I really should be writing, but somehow I once again got roped into a costume photoshoot. This time, however, I didn’t have to dress up and it didn’t involve the sentence “Just a sec, the owl is making a run for it”.

Anyway, since I have absolutely nothing writing-related to post, I thought I would show off my skills as a photographer instead. My cosplaying friend Simone just finished her Jaina Proudmoore(from World of Warcraft) costume and I got quite a few good pictures of her. She did the editing herself.


Jaina Proudmoore

One of my favorites from the shoot. This photo is also part of a cosplay contest on Facebook. Check it out and throw it a like if you think it deserves to win!
Contest: Cosplay & Cosplayers’ Cover Contest

Jaina Proudmoore Cosplay

Jaina Proudmoore is a master of the arcane arts. Don’t mess with her!

Jaina Proudmoore Cosplay

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Pictures from SVScon 2014

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a lot of pictures myself this year, so I might update if I can get into contact with some of the other people who took pictures of my costume! Feel free to comment on this post if you have any I can use.

Read about SVScon 2014 here.

Alexstrasza cosplay

May I present to you: Alexstrasza the Dragonqueen.
She looks pissed…

Lich King Alexstrasza cosplay

The Lich King getting the upper hand in me… and some bearded guy in pink in the background.

Alexstrasza cosplay

My first time on stage at SVScon Cosplay Showcase.
Photograph: Mette Olesen

Lich King Alexstrasza Ysera Photobomb

Photobomb: Lich King

Lich King Ysera Alexstrasza cosplay


Alexstrasza Lich King cosplay

Not really sure if I’m about to knight him or behead him…

Lich King and Alexstrasza

Who says the Queen of Life and the King of Undeads can’t get along?

Team Warcraft

Team Warcraft!

More pictures: 

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SVScon 2014 – Hour of the Dragonqueen


I have been to a lot of conventions, but never have I been so busy at one before.

It’s Sunday, I just got home from SVScon and have finished unloading the car. Unpacking can wait ’till tomorrow.

…Or next month.

I have started to understand that cosplay is not a hobby, it’s a way of life. I have been photographed, filmed and questioned, all while not even being able to bend my arms enough to pull wig-hair out of my mouth. Luckily, I had lots of slave– eh, I mean friends to help me carry things and remove my glasses every time someone wanted a picture.

I’m never doing anything with wristguards again…

My time to prepare fo Artist Alley was nearly non-existant, seeing as I spent so much time getting dressed and trying to find people to help me, as it was pretty hard to bend down and get books and posters out or into my suitcase.

But despite how impractical the costume was, I just got so excited by how many people recognized the character. I have been an avid World of Warcraft-fan for the last 9 years, but rarely get a chance to share my passion for Warcraft lore. It’s been too long since I truly embraced my inner geek, and I have barely had time to game, so dressing up as Alexstrasza the Dragonqueen really made me remember that I’m a geek at heart.

I really need to renew my WoW subscription. Which is good news for my readers, seeing as half of Resounding Echo was probably written while waiting for raids…

I’ll geek off for now. Pictures will be up later!

Lich King Alexstrasza cosplay